How to fix Yum error on centos 7

There are occasions when the disk i/o fails or mis behaves during a yum update. You might see the following errors.

There is a quick fix for this issue, as you would need to remove the old RPM DB and rebuild the rpm the follwoing

Grafana Ldap Authentication using 389-ds

Grafana is a beautiful tool which offers multiple options for network authentication such as Microsoft active directory/Ldap etc. In this tutorial, we would explain how to use network authentication using 389-ds in grafana. Step1:alter the configuration file (/etc/grafana/grafana.ini). and set the appropriate value.

Step2: Disable New user Registration.

Step3: Create appropriate groups for admin and editors based permissions. gfn-adm gfn-editor Step4: Change the ldap configuration file and set appropriate Values./etc/grafana/ldap.toml

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Iredmail DKIM setup for Multiple domain

Iredmail supports multiple domains and the important part in email delivery is to secure the email transactions and protect your email domain from SPAM. in order to setup your dkim for a new domain do the following. Login to your server and use root access. Step1: Create your DKIM key for new domain by using the following command.

Step2: Set Ownership for the Key.

Step3: Set Permission for your New Key. chmod 0400 Read more…

How to setup Squid Proxy server On centos7

Squid is a proxy server available on various Linux distributions. it can be used to perform various tasks. Restrict internet usage Save Bandwidth on local network Implement security cache content to save bandwidth. in this tutorial we will demonstrate how to install and configure squid proxy server on centos7. Step1: Update your Operating System.

Step2: Istall Epel-repository.

Step3: install squid and respective binaries.

once squid is installed, we will backup the squid Read more…

installing WordPress with Nginx and php-fpm Centos7

in this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to set up WordPress on centos7/RHEL 7 using nginx and php7.2 install epel-release and ius release. we will use php7.2 in this setup.

Update System

install the required software.

install nginx and php-fpm

Setup php-fpm.

create the nginx repo.

Paste the below content there.

  Install Nginx:

  Install MariaDB.

enable and start mariadb.

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