Mediawiki authentication using 389-ds

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Media wiki is an opensource software written in PHP. it has more than 900 configuration settings and approx 2.2k extensions available. it supports long-term maintainance and support. it is suitable for huge and highly active wiki.


in this tutorial we would describe on how to enable LDAP authentication on media wiki on centos7.


Step1: Install php ldap extension. if you have used php from centos repo the you can install it as follows.

if you would have used php from other repository such as ius you can install php-ldap package as follows.

Restart Apache or php-fpm based on your server setup.

Navigate to the folder where your mediawiki is deployed. for example.

Edit the Localsettinggs.php and add the below content.

save the file and restart your web server.


now you can login using your ldap account to your mediawiki.


incase of any issues check for the errors in the debug log file at “/tmp/debug-ldap.log”.


once your ldap setup works fine you can comment out the following variables.