juniper qfx virtual chassis setup how to

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in this tutorial we would describe how to configure virtual chassis with 3 member. The virtual chassis on qfx series is a little different that configuring it on ex series switches.

we would use 3 qfx5100 switches to configure the virtual chassis.a typical virtual chassis spine leaf architecture lookalike this. we would use the DAC cables to

provision switch 1 and 2.

once these are done run commit on both switches.

configure virtual chassis on the switch 1.

please note these 2 and the routing engine switches. The leaf switches are going to get the configuration from the spine switches once the spine is fully configured.

on the master spine switch. configure the vc port. we would assume you use the port 24 and 25 for the vc ports.

Commit the changes.

on switch2:

commit the changes.

you can view the virtual chassis details by running the following command.

show virtual-chassis vc-port and show virtual-chassis

once the changes are committed you will be kicked out of the login prompt and you will get a login prompt for your master switch.

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