Installing zammad on centos7 how to

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There have been many Opensource ticketing systems available on the internet. Zammad is an opensource ticketing system written in ruby and it uses elasticsearch for caching.


in this tutorial we will demonstrate how to install and configure zammad using rpm on centos7. Using RPM is one of the ways where you can recieve automatic software and security updates.


Step1: Install required Repositories.

Step2: Enable Elasticsearch 5.x repository.

Step3: Install java, elasticsearch and zammad packages.

Once installed, Zammad will listen by default on localhost, You can chage it to your server IP and you can also use a domain name if you have your DNS in place.

Change the configuration localhost to suit your server name or IP in the below configuration.

Save the file and exit the editor.

Step4: Check for any nginx errors.

Restart Nginx.

Step5: Update SElinux policies.

Step6: Update Firewall Rules.

Step7: Check status of zammad Services.

You can also Manage zammad services Manually.

Manage Zammad web application server.