installing WordPress with Nginx and php-fpm Centos7

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in this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to set up WordPress on centos7/RHEL 7 using nginx and php7.2

install epel-release and ius release. we will use php7.2 in this setup.

Update System

install the required software.

install nginx and php-fpm

Setup php-fpm.

create the nginx repo.

Paste the below content there.


Install Nginx:


Install MariaDB.

enable and start mariadb.


Run secure installation and secure your MariaDB instance.


Get Latest Version of WordPress.

Enable and start

Create Database user and password for your WordPress installation.



Create nginx configuration.



if you would like to have forced SSL for your WordPress setup you can have the below nginx

Change permission for WordPress folder.


if you would like forced SSL then you should use the config instead of the previous config.

Update Firewall Rules.


Update SELinux Rules.

if you Do not wish to have an FTP server in place, You can set up the below config in the wp-config.

now you can access your WordPress site and proceed with the installation.