installing iredmail on centos7 How to

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iredmail is an opensource mail uses all opensource applications to create a full-fledged mail server solution which can be deployed on various platforms.


in this tutorial, we would explain how to setup iredmail on centos7.

update system.

set system hostname.

verify the hostname FQDN.

if you receive a different name here. adjust your DNS server PTR ip to resolve to This is the important part in setting up this email server.

Download the stable iredmail release package. you can always check the latest version available here.

Fill in the details for your mail server.

you will be asked for confirmation on the installation as follows.

hit y and enter.

it might take a while depending on your internet speed and system performance. Once the installation is complete. You would see the informations.

Reboot your system.


Once the system is back up and running. You can add DNS entries and setup DKIM.

login to your email server and retrieve the DKIM data.

you will see output like this.

add PF record. as below.

MX Records.

DKIM TXT record.

and at last an A record pointing to your public IP of the mail server.