installing and configuring Grafana with SSL on centos7

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grafana is an open-source visualization tool which can be used to integrate with various types of data source and visualizing data based on your preferences. The few of the major data sources are Zabbix, Elasticsearch,Graphite and influxdb.

in this tutorial, we would describe how to setup Grafana along with influxdb on centos7.

fetch the rpm and install it.


enable and start the grafana service.

By Default Grafana would listen on port 3000.


Let’s install Nginx so that we can proxy port 80 to port 3000.


Install epel-release

Install Nginx.

change directory to nginx config directory and create a new file for grafana.

Paste the below configuration


check for any configuration errors in nginx.

enable and start nginx.

Update firewall rules to allow port 80 and 443.

update SELinux policy.


Now you can browse the domain name that you have assigned in your nginx configuration to access Grafana Web UI.