install Zabbix 4.0 on centos7 How to

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zabbix is an open source monitoring system written in PHP and it uses Mysql as a backend. zabbix can monitor upto 10000 hosts in a single server environment and also supports multiple other features like Auto host registration etc…


In this tutorial we will explain how to install and configure zabbbix on centos 7 with Mariadb as a database backend.


Step1: update system and install required packages.

Step2:install packages.


Step3: configure mysql and run Mysql secure installation.


Step4: Create the database and database user.


Step4: Install zabbix official repository.


Step5: Install Zabbix server.


Step6: Zabbix does not have an automated Db schema installation method. You can install the schema manually.


Step7: Update zabbix server configuration with the database credentials.

Step8: Update zabbix apache configuration and set appropriate php values.



Step9: Check apache config for any errors and start apache.

Step10: Enable and start zabbix-server.


if your system has firewall enabled, open firewall ports by issuing the following command.


once the services start, You can use your server Ip to access Zabbix interface. the default Username and password for zabbix is Admin/zabbix.