How to Troubleshoot SeLinux on Centos

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SELinux enables additional security measures on RedHat based systems. Many System administrators prefer to disable it rather than getting to the root cause of why SELinux is blocking application.

If SELinux blocks any application, You can always go ahead and troubleshoot and get a complete insight into the application blocking and allow it as per your convenience. There is an inbuilt tool called setroubleshoot which available via RPM and this can also help explain why the application is being blocked by SELinux.


Linux system stores the security logs within the filesystem as “/var/log/audit.log”. These would be files with huge data in it, You can always go ahead and look at the time unless you have so much time to troubleshoot a single issue or you can use the sealert tool to look for SELinux blocks.


To install SEtools :

once the package is been installed, You can go ahead and start analyzing the logs.

You would see outputs like this.




in this instance, this SELinux was blocking Spacewalk client. to allow it run the following.



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