how to install spacewalk2.8 server on centos7

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Spacewalk is an opensource server which provides easy integration and managment of software package deployment.


1. a server with 2 CPUs and 4 GB memory of RAM.

2. outbound ports 80 and 443 updated Operating system.

Lets begin setup:

Step1: Install and enable spacewalk repo.

Step2: Install and enable EPEL Repo.

Step3: Install Java dependencies repo.

Step4: Install spacewalk Postgres SQL embedded Database.

Step5: install Postgres SQL.

Step6: Open firewall ports required by spacewalk services.

Step7: now we are good to install the spacewalk server and its components. Run the below command from the shell.

An example output for the spacewalk setup command will look like this.

you can always choose to disable cobbler services incase you do not want to use cobbler with this spacewalk installation.


once the setup is complete you can access your spacewalk UI with https://your-server-ip.