How to install snipe-it on centos7 using nginx

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Snipe IT is an asset management tool built using PHP. It supports multi-location, Asset management and many other features. in this tutorial, we would talk about how to install snipe-it on centos 7 using PHP-fpm and nginx.


install epel-release and ius release. we will use php71 in this setup.

Update System


install the required software.

install nginx and php-fpm

Setup php-fpm.

uncomment the line

Comment this line.

Clone Repository from GitHub.

Set permissions for the folder

Change owner permission to nginx as the code is going to be executed using nginx User.

install MariaDB.

run MariaDB secure installation.


Create a Database and assign permissions.

install composer and install required packages.

now let’s create nginx configurations.

in the above example, nginx is forced ssl.


check nginx configuration.


if you have SELinux enabled. run the following.



navigate your browser to the ip address of the server and run the installation process.