Create your own internal time server centos7 how to

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correct system time is a basic requirement of the servers and network equipment. accurate time on your servers and network equipment helps in many ways. few of them are as follows.


Billing services and related applications.

Tracking security breaches, network usage and logging on your servers and network equipment.


in this tutorial, we will setup NTP ( network time protocol ) server on centos7.

Step 1: Install the NTP package on centos7.

once the package has been installed, navigate to the NTP website Here and choose appropriate time zone and get the nearest NTP server you can use for this setup. you can get the server info HERE.

in our case, we have chosen Asia timezone because we are based out of India.

Step2: Edit the NTP configuration file and set the NTP servers which you have retrieved from the NTP site.

Step3: permit your network so that your servers and network equipment can sync from it.

Setup the logfile and its location.

save the file and exit.

Step4: Open up firewall ports for NTP.

Step5: start and enable the NTP service.


Step5: Verify your ntp status sync status.

if you see output like above, That means your NTP is working perfectly.


now you can set up the NTP client.