compiling zammad with mysql on centos7

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Zammad is an opensource Ticketing system written in ruby. It can be used to track issues within a small or medium organization and has a lot of features such as API/ tickets from email etc..


in this tutorial, we will explain how to compile and install zammad using source code and use it with MySQL on centos 7.


Zammad requires the following applications and a working Ruby environment to be set up in order to proceed with the installation and configuration.

  1. Ruby Version 2.4.4
  2. Elasticsearch-5x
  3. Nginx


Step 1. Add Zammad user


Step2: setup RVM

Step3:install Ruby

Step4: Install Required Dependencies.

Step5: Setup Elastic search.





Step7: Install required gem without postgres.

Step8: Setup Database Parameters.

A Sample database config file should look like this.


Make your user and password are correct else DB create will fail.

This will take a while as this is going to do all operations on databases.

Create Static files.


Install System services for Centos.

Install Nginx

Once the installation is done

You can set up your SSL host.

Adjust the above configuration file according to your environment.


Check Nginx config and restart the server.



Once Done, Restart the server.

If you are using centos firewall don’t forget to open firewall ports for HTTP and https.


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