Cisco switch Basic configuration.

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in this tutorial, we would describe how to do initial configuration for Cisco switches. Althoughtcisco switch configuration is pretty much simple than other vendors like juniper or arista.

Step1: Connect to you switch via a console cable and connect to a newly bought switch via console using any com port supported program, such as putty.


You will see the “Switch>” prompt.

type enable and hot enter.


Step2: You would need to enter configuration mode of the switch in order to make any changes. You can use either “configure terminal” or “conf t ” as a command.

Step3: Setup the device hostname.

Step4: You would need to setup enable secret ( admin password) for additional security.

Step5: Enable SSH for remote authentication.

Step6: Setup Username and password.

Enable SSH v2.

Step7: Create Vlan and Assign ip.

Step8: Assign default gateway to switch.

Create trunk port on the interface as an uplink.

Save configuration.

Now you can ssh to switch on the assigned ip from your network and log in using the username and password you have set earlier.