How to fix Yum error on centos 7

There are occasions when the disk i/o fails or mis behaves during a yum update. You might see the following errors.

There is a quick fix for this issue, as you would need to remove the old RPM DB and rebuild the rpm the follwoing

Grafana Ldap Authentication using 389-ds

Grafana is a beautiful tool which offers multiple options for network authentication such as Microsoft active directory/Ldap etc. In this tutorial, we would explain how to use network authentication using 389-ds in grafana. Step1:alter the configuration file (/etc/grafana/grafana.ini). and set the appropriate value.

Step2: Disable New user Registration.

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installing WordPress with Nginx and php-fpm Centos7

in this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to set up WordPress on centos7/RHEL 7 using nginx and php7.2 install epel-release and ius release. we will use php7.2 in this setup.

Update System

install the required software.

install nginx and php-fpm

Setup php-fpm.

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